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What is the cause of snoring?

The cause of snoring can vary from person to person. Once your cause of snoring is determined, a snoring doctor will work with you to determine what snoring treatments to implement so you can be snore-free. Depending on the cause of snoring for you, different snoring treatments may be used. Genetic factors as well as problems with the ear, nose and throat area can be the cause of snoring.

  • Genetic factors can be one cause of snoring. If you are prone to being overweight, having nasal problems (also an ear, nose, and throat issue), or having sleep apnea, you may face snoring problems. However, these problems occur very frequently without the influence of any genetic factors or predisposition. Being heavy can lead to excess tissue in your throat, which obstructs your airway and makes it difficult to breathe. This excess tissue is a major cause of snoring, in a variety of different ways since any type of excess tissue, whether it is natural or developed from weight gain, can obstruct your airways.
  • Any issue dealing with the ear, nose, and throat can also be a common cause of snoring. Nasal problems are a common cause of snoring, since nasal problems can lead to the airway of your nose being obstructed, leading to snoring problems. Having a weak tongue or throat can lead those muscles to collapse, blocking the airways and acting as a cause of snoring as well. Another example would be having a long, soft palate, which can lead to a blockage of the throat opening. Experiencing ear, nose, and throat problems is a very common cause of snoring.

The cause of snoring will have an impact on what snoring treatments your snoring doctor feels would be successful and decides to implement. Snoring treatments that affect things that may be caused genetic factors might do very little to help ear, nose, and throat problems. If you want to stop snoring, it’s important that your snoring doctor find snoring treatments that are right for you and your case. Finding out the cause of snoring is a very important piece of the treatment puzzle.

If you suffer from snoring, treatment can be a lifesaver and a way to finally sleep through the night. Once you stop snoring, you’ll sleep better and have more energy during the day to be productive and spend time with your friends and loved ones. If the treatments are successful and you stop snoring, you’ll find that your whole life changes for the better.

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